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. carl cameron has mitt romney's response from the campaign trail. jennifer griffin assesses the situation in the middle east and northern africa. we begin with the chief white house correspondent ed henry on the president's reaction today. good evening, ed. >> good evening, bret. tonight, the president is blasting mitt romney for his criticism of the administration's initial response. mr. obama telling cbs "60 minutes" that mr. romney has a tendency to shoot first and aim later. >> in cold blood, four americans murdered by a mob in benghazi. in a bat that lasted four hours on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. including u.s. ambassador to libya chris stevens. the first american ambassador killed in the line of duty since 1979. raising alarm bells about american outposts all around the globe. >> i've directed my administration to increase the security at diplomatic posts around the world. make no mistake, we will work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people. >> mr. are early signs the attack was planned and the protest
. that may mean they were killed by attackers who were tipped by libyan insiders. >> gregg: jennifer griffin, thanks. >> heather: we are tracking the latest wave of anti-american demonstrations breaking out around the world, tear gas against rock throwing protestors in the capital of bangladesh. we're getting reports of dozens of arrests and scores of injuries there. thousands in lebanon marching near the israeli border showing anger over the film while hezbollah organizing a rally in east jerusalem. hezbollah leader telling the crowd that the film is quote an american policy against islam. and anti-american demonstrations are going on in europe, hundreds are filling the streets in germany for the second straight day. here is the question. what can the u.s. do about all of this? we will speak with aaron david miller, a former advisor to six secretaries of state of. frantic search for survivor after an air strike in aleppo. no word on casualties have been recovered. amateur video expecting a an explosion in homes. it's been a year and a half against the uprising against the syrian president b
security correspondent jennifer griffin has the latest from washington. >> reporter: an f.b.i. team assigned to investigate the murder into chris stevens is looking into the group of hundred attacksers had inside help from the private security contractors from the state department had hired to guard the consulate. susan collins asked the director of national terrorism center at a committee hearing this week. the state department hired blue mountain group, a private security group out of wales to hire local guards. the contract was worth half a million dollars. indications that the local guards may have been casing the consulate were revealed oh an online gaming site. quote, assuming that we don't die tonight we saw one of our quote, police taking pictures that guard the compound. he could have been referring to the libyan government police that guard the periphery of the compound. today the protestors targeted the compound of another group. this group may be eald with al-qaeda. they are looking at american personnel move to a safe house one mile away were ambushed at the second loca
correspondent jennifer griffin tells us the latest step toward the eventual exit in 2014. >> at a ceremony in bagram air base, military handed over responsibility for 3,000 afghan prisoners, currently held there at the prison. afghanistan's largest detention facility. defense secretary leon panetta addressed the handover in a 9/11 remembrance ceremony in shanksville, pennsylvania, after speaking with afghan president hamid karzai this morning. >> we have to continue to work to make sure that pursuant to those agreements, we continue to contain those that are a threat to their country. he accepted that and expressed willingness to continue to work with us. >> it cost $60 million to whether i would and it has a troubled past, including abu ghraib type of abuse to prisoners. karzai called the transfer a victory. innocents will be freed and rest will be sentenced according to laws of afghanistan. u.s. military at the last moment decided to keep over dozen of al-qaeda and taliban link prisoners amid concerns that many prisoners will be released. >> it was destined to happen sooner or later. is
.s. citizens. wow, jennifer griffin is at the pentagon at this hour. what is the u.s. military doing in the wake of the attack on benghazi? >> we can confirm a u.s. aircraft landed in libya. it is expected to take off any time now with the four dead as well as wounded in the benghazi attack. we expect that to happen any time. it is not clear whether they will be brought to the u.s. or brought to another military hospital in route. there are no u.s. personnel left in the consulate in benghazi. a house now being guarded by local libyan release. 50 marines will not be going to the site of the attack in benghazi. they will stay in the capital to protect the embassy. >> in a world where everyone can post on-line to the world, jennifer, we are now faced with this guy in florida, this quote, preacher, unquote, who has a congregation of much less than 40 it is my understanding who put a video on-line apparently really, really disparaging the prophet mohammed and inflaming at least part of the world. that may not be the reason the attack on the ambassador happened but it has contributed. the
for now. jennifer griffin has the story from the pentagon. >> female suicide bomber allegedly motivated by the anti-islam youtube video kills 12 today in kabul. three insider attack in three days. friday, brazen attack on the u.s. base since the start of the war 11 years ago at the main marine come pound if southern afghanistan. 15 taliban attackers dressed in the u.s. military uniforms breached the perimeter. torched three hangars. destroyed six carrier jets and kill a marine lieutenant colonel. the top u.s. commanderrer in afghanistan ordered a halt on patrols, where two or three afghan work with team of mentors raising questions about the president and the pentagon exit strategy. >> i don't think the attack indicates that taliban is stronger. it indicates that they are resorting to efforts that tri to strike at our forces try to create chaos. but do not in any way result in regaining territory that has been lost. >> 51 u.s. and nato service members murdered since the start of the year by the so-called afghan partners trained by nato. many in uniform. a great deal of frustration at th
jennifer griffin who is live at the pentagon with an update on what we are seeing happening there this morning. good morning, jennifer. >> reporter: good morning, martha. we're standing here waiting for the president. his motorcade is supposed to leave the white house any minute. he is supposed to be here in time for the moment of silence which will take place at 9:37 exactly. that is exactly when american airlines flight 77 slammed into the outer ring of the pentagon, slicing through three rings of the pentagon, killing 184 people including 59 people who were onboard the plane that day. what is really beautiful behind me if you have a chance and you're in washington and you can stop by the pentagon memorial, it was completed four years ago and it has benches for each of the 184 people that were killed. it is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. it literally looks like these benches are floating at night. each one has a name of one of the victims on board. what also strikes me, martha, as we wait here, over to my right is arlington national cemetery. for the pentagon and ev
as well that i mentioned at the top of this newscast. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon this evening. jennifer, the headline that two united states warships are headed to libya this evening is a disturbing one. >> well, shepard. we have just confirmed from u.s. officials that those two warships, they are guided naval destroyers. one of them the uss mcfall is in the mediterranean. it's being moved off the coast of libya. also the uss la boone. a second u.s. destroyer being prepositioned we are told for basically contingency planning. contingency purposes according to u.s. officials. meanwhile all u.s. personnel have been evacuated from ben ben -- benghazi. none are left near the consulate. it's being guarded by local police at this time. u.s. a air force is transporting the bodies of those killed including ambassador stevens to germany where the wounded will be treated at land stool. the ambassador and three others killed will be returned to the united states, shepard. >> shepard: some questions about where all of this will lead, jennifer. what do we know about the marine
. but there is more to it. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the story from the pentagon. >> reporter: after year of stalling that dated back to bush administration and continued under the obama presidency, the state department decided to deg usnate pakistan -- designate pakistani network terror organization, allowing the justice department to go after the group's finances. secretary of state hillary clinton alerted congress two days ahead of a congressional deadline. "today i sent a report to congress saying that the hikani network meets the criteria for designation as foreign terrorist organization." we are drying up their resources and targeting their military and intelligence personnel. pressing the pakistanis to step up their own efforts. >> the h aqqani network responsible for more deaths than any other group of fighters and it's holding bo berkdale hostage. it was supported by the c.i.a. and pakistan in the 1980s. the haqqani group attacked the u.s. embassy, indian embasesy in kabul. the bases are in pakistan. >> it acts as a veritable arm of pakistan's internal se
are reportedly still under american control. jennifer griffin with the news. she is live at the pentagon for us tonight. jen, handing over those last prisoners seems to have been a bit of a stumbling block. >> that's right, shepard. the u.s. military was so uncomfortable with the handover that they didn't send any high level representatives, any top generals to oversee the handover. in fact, at the last moment, they decided to hang on to dozens of high level detainees for fear that they would be released by the afghans and end up back on the battlefield. >> destined to happen sooner or later. is there a perfect point in time? i don't really think there is going to be a perfect point in time. i think they are about as ready as they're going to be. >> at the ceremony today, the afghans freed 16 prisoners as a symbol. these prisoners had never been prosecuted or tried. perhaps a bad sign for the future and defense secretary leon panetta placed a call to president karzai this morning. >> shepard: reported on all these fuel problems do. we have any more details on all that money? >> well, this is th
of murders of four americans in libya. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live with those details . what can you tell us? >> an f.b.i. team assign to the murder of ambassador chris stevens and three others is lookking into whether the group of 100 attackers had inside help from the private security contractors whom the state department had hire to guard inside of the benghazi conflict. susan collins asked the national counter terrorism the question in a committee hearing this week. the state department hired blue mountain group out of wales to vet and hire locall guards. the contract was worth half a million dollars. indications that the local guards may have been casing the consulate were posted on a gaming website who said assuming we don't die tonight. one of our police that guard the compound taking pictures. he could have been referring to the libya government police. already thousands of libyans have taken it upon themselves at one of the armed militias that were involved. tens of this happeneds of anti-islamic protestors took to the street was benghazi and stormed t
it a senseless act of violence. now a warning of more protests. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon for us now. the marines have been ordered to libya. what will they be doing and how many? >> reporter: let me put it into context. immediately a request for a fast team was put out, that is about 50 marines who were spent from spain from the naval base in spain, they are en route to libya. our understanding is they will first land in the capitol of tripoli, then a decision will be made as to where to deploy them. are they going to go down to the consulate in benghazi to secure that building, or do they need them to secure the embassy in tripoli? that decision has not been made yet. 50 marines are en route to libya and will be on standby pending further orders. a request from the state department has been put out for at least one air force plane to possibly help with the return home of those who were injured and killed in the attack on the consulate in benghazi. again, that decision, and the decision about how many planes and where to send them, and how to go about that, that is still pending
. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon this afternoon. tell us what the military assets are. >>reporter: the military has not been asked to send additional assets to help with security at any of the other embassies across the region. in libya, it is true that there are 50 marines. they are going to remain, we understand, in tripoli, in the capital, securing the embassy there, securing the embassy personnel there. most likely they will not leave the capital. we know that the uss laboone, a detroyer armed with cruise missiles is in position off the coast of libya. a second navy destroyer will be in position in coming days. as you mention, it is not clear if their role is simply symbolic. here is the pentagon spokesman on that. >> no naval vessel in the area has been assigned to a specific mission with respect to libya. our assets in the region are prepared to respond to any contingency. that is what the military does. again, they have not been assigned a specific mission. >> pentagon and state department officials would not comment on reports that there had been arrests made by the libyan
militants release boburg dawe. he was captured in 2009. jennifer griffin with the news. what impact if any will this have on the war on afghanistan? >> john, remember the main reason the obama administration and bush administration before it did not designate this vicious group a terrorist organize is there are members of the state department and members of the national security council who think the u.s. can reconcile with the taliban before the u.s. pulls out most troops in 2014. >> it's useful to think of a designation like an arrest warrant. the designation doesn't mean anything until you do something and take action. what i'm hoping is that the u.s. government forms a task force to investigate the financial architecture behind the network, which i've studied for five years. it's extensive, transnational and vulnerable. it will trigger sanctions and dry up the group's able to fund raise in the gulf, saudi arabia and pakistan and pushes the pakistanis to stop supporting the group. >> will this sour relation with pakistan just as they appeared to warm? >> some of that funding may force t
, is not commenting. >>trace: thank you, jennifer griffin were the teacher strike that has kept hundreds of thousands of kids out of chicago in chicago could soon come to a close. the breaking news on a tentative deal to get class back in session. who caved? who won? that is next. trace continuing coverage of breaking news from chicago, the teacher strike, the school board president has just announced that the city and the teachers union have agreed on a framework to a deal that could potentially end the strike as early as monday. we have a national political reporter, and erin, it looks like they could have a deal in the works. a lot of the teachers felt like they were bullied by chicago mayor rahm emanuel. >>guest: that is exactly right. the leader of the charge of the union, karen lewis, is still not optimistic. that is what we have seen of her comments. they are cautiously optimistic but she is lets so. maybe the mayor got more out of deal than they did. we do not know what the deal looks like yet. the teachers are concerned about job security. raising performance standards could mean that some t
. jennifer griffin with the news live at this hour from the pentagon. let's begin with the breaking news on our base in afghanistan. >> well, harris, two u.s. marines are dead and several service members wounded after that attack on camp leather neck, also known as next to camp bastion. this is a major u.s. and british base in afghanistan. multistaged attack. mortars and grenades were launched. it combined indirect fire with small arms and a.k. 47 gunfire. this is unusual but it is not clear whether the afghan attackers, whether this was related to the anti-islamic youtube video which has set off protests around the middle east. harris? >> harris: well, it has been such a dangerous week for americans in that region. one of the responses that we saw, jennifer, is our marines moving in to protect american interest. >> well, now we know that the pentagon has authorized a third quick response team. it's a fast platoon of marines, about 50 marines are moving into sudan now. this is the third unit in as many days to be deployed to our embassies. one went to libya to the capital tripoli to secu
of insider attacks. they just want to calm things down. >>shepard: thank you, jennifer griffin. and now, a former intelligence officer, head of diligent innovation consulting firm in washington on a dark day in washington. mike, it is good to see you. here is the thing: my understanding of the goal is we have one goal in what remains of this war and that is to train the afghan forces to take over security. how can we train the afghan forces to take over security if we cannot be this with them? >>guest: that is right. we can't. the fact of the matter is --. >>shepard: our goal? >>guest: we have accepted the broader picture of defeat when it comes to afghan mission. if that mission is defined as trying to turn afghanistan into a stable place where the current power can defeat the taliban. it will not happen. we are waiting for two years to pull identity and it is frankly a shame because a lost great people are dying in the meantime. >>shepard: and the secretary of defense is saying that it is not as if they are taking over anymore ground but isn't another way to interpret this as the othe
jennifer griffin's all over this, live in washington with more, hi, jen. >> hi, jamie, well, a fbi team assigned to investigate the murder of u.s. ambassador chris stevens is looking into whether the group of about a hundred attackers armed with rocket propelled grenades had inside help from the private security contractors who the state department had hired to guard inside the benghazi consulate. senator susan collins asked the director of the international counterterrorism center matthew olson this very question at a committee hearing this week. the state department hired blue mountain group, a private security group out of wales to vet and hire local guards for the consulates and the contract worth nearly half a million dollars. indications that the local guards may have been chasing the conflict were revealed by an online post by sean smith, and went on a gaming site. auming we don't die tonight we saw one of the quote police that guard the compound taking pictures. and at the periphery of the compound and take out to strike out at one of the armed militia thought to be in on the at
of people rioting. violent protest leaving at least 19 people dead. >> jennifer griffin live in washington with the very latest on these numbers and how this weekend will play out. good morning, jennifer. >> good morning, guys. most of the violence yesterday in the muslim world occurred in pakistan where at least 19 people were killed. 150 injured. mostly in the port city of karachi after the government of pakistan took the unusual step of declaring a holiday. calling it the day of love for the prophet mohammed. in response to anger that was building over the 15-mignon line anti-islam youtube video. by doing so, it looked as though the government was sanction sanctioning violence over the video. protesters clashed with the police and strategy of appeasing the religious mule las by the government apparently back fired. the rage boiled over in cities across back stan. in libya, the reverse occurred. libyan anger at the islamist group that is assumed to have been behind the attack on the u.s. con salute in benghazi erupted in hundreds of angry libyan citizens stormed the compound. this time a
strikes into the pakistan targeting the haqqani group. harris? >> harris: jennifer griffin at the pentagon tonight. thank you very much. ♪ ♪ >> harris: tuesday will mark 11 years since the attacks of september 11th. today we got a look at one the new skyscrapers rising where the twin towers once stood. this is four world trade center, 72 floors of office space set to open about a year from now. developers saying the project is right on schedule. they are planning a big celebration for opening day. >> the world trade center is back. this is a place that's full of life, it's full of the remembrance and the solemn recollection that goes on at the memorial but it's also full of life, of people on the street and commerce and all the great things that make new york what it is. >> harris: last year president obama and former president bush visited the world trade center site to mark 10 years since the attacks. this year the officials say the president will on or about a moment of silence at the white house to attend a memorial at the pentagon and visit wounded troops at the walter reed medica
of the planned withdrawal. jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. u.s. officials are down playing this whole thing, right? >> that's right. the white house is insisting that the move does not accelerate the time line for withdrawal or the removal of most combat troops in 2014. >> it doesn't affect the time line. >> i don't think that these attacks indicate that the taliban is stronger. >> our partnership with the afghan forces continues and we will continue to operate together, so our strategy remains the same. >> but the decision will affect about 100,000 front line troops. they will no longer be going out on these joint patrols, these small group patrols with their afghan partnership. >> shep: the blue on green attacks, i'm assuming, that's the main reason for this. a lot of our guys have been dying lately. >> certainly, the main reason. three insider attacks in three days. 51 american and coalition troops murdered by afghan security forces that they had trained. >> i am fed up with watching our seriously good soldiers waste their lives, have their lives wasted by people who are meant to b
the attack was an inside job. national security correspondent jennifer griffin reports from washington. >> f.b.i. team assigned to investigate the murder of chris stevens is looking into whether the group of about 100 attackers armed with rocket propelled grenades, had inside help from the private security contractors who the state department had hired to guard inside the benghazi consulate. senator susan collins asked the director of the national counterterrorism center, matthew olson, this very question at a committee hearing this week. the state department hired blue mountain group, a private security group out of wales, to vet and hire local guards for the consulate. the contract was worth nearly half a million dollars. indications that the local guards may have been casing the consulate were first revealed in an on-line post by sean smith, on a gaming web site where he went by the name vile rat. quote, assuming we don't die tonight, we saw one of our, quote, police, that guard the compound taking pictures. sean smith could have been referring to the libyan government police that guarded
islamic flags, chanting anti-american slogans and pictures of usama bin laden. jennifer griffin is the at pentagon. let's start in london with greg palkot on the ground in yemen. what is the latest being reported there, greg? >> reporter: we've been to the embassy a few times. we've been talking to our contacts on the grand there in sanaa, yemen. we believe the situation is calm around the u.s. embassy. it was anything but earlier today. i'm told thousands of protesters gathered outside of the building and some of those managed to get their way in. at least to scale the perimeter wall. to break you there the main gate to enter the security building to get into the compound before the main embassy building. they torched cars, smashed windows and stole equipment. the security guards tried to hold them off. fired shots in the area. that didn't work. yemeni security forces came in, fired tear gas. there were some injured and arrests. people fought back. i am told that many of the u.s. staffers in that embassy had to leave. have been evacuated in the back way. they're in a safe place
americans including two navy seals. jennifer griffin from the pentagon. she is on that story. what can we report about the details of the attack in libya. >> reporter: the more we learn about the attack in benghazi libya it seems it is totally separate from the protests taking place across the middle east regarding this anti-islamic filmment this was a well planned two-prong attack on the consulate and possibly a second location. the state department is not commenting further on what happened that night in benghazi, but we are learning from a libyan deputy interior minister a version of events that is different from what we initially heard from senior officials. the consulate was attacked about 10:15 local time that's when the ambassador chris stevens and sean smith the it officers were initially killed. then it seems there was time to move about 30 members who were at the compound, americans as well as libyans working for the consulate to a safe house, and that safe house according to this libyan interior minister who was in the operations center at the time of the rescue, if you will, h
and follow it even if it leads them to islamabad. jon: jennifer griffin at the pentagon, thank you. jenna: a tropical storm is spinning in the atlantic threatening to become a hurricane, that is the bottom line. that's why we're watching it. we'll tell you who should be on alert and where it might be heading. jon: the democratic national convention is history. how did they do? did the president convince americans to give him four more years? two campaign veterans from both political parties debate it coming up. ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios nothing complicated about a pair of 10 inch hose clamp pliers. you know what's complicated? shipping. shipping's complicated. not really. with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service shipping's easy. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. that's not complicated. no. come on. how about... a handshake. alright. priority mail flat rate
and jennifer griffin confirmed a marine f.a.s.t. team is on the ground in the yemeni capital sanaa as a precautionary measure. once again a loud plume of smoke is reported to be emanating from fires inside our embassy in tunisia and gunshots have been reported both there and as there near the u.s. embassy in sudan. busy day for officials in the state department and around the world. jon. jon: looks like a bad situation. we'll keep an eye on it. james rosen at the state department. jenna: let's show you a little bit what james has mentioned. we'll show you a few key areas today. that is what yemen looks like. that is where according to our reports a marine unit is being sent to deal with the aftermath of an attack on our embassy there. that is the fresh images we have out of yemen today. this is cairo. in egypt clashes between police and protesters continue for a fourth day. again we're carefully watching the next hour, several hours now, after afternoon prayer. cement barriers have been built to keep people away from the embassy. that has been working, sort of. we've seen some cros
on the tragedy that changed our country. eric shaun live at ground zero. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. let's start with eric shaun. good morning. >> good morning. sometimes seems as if almost nothing has changed in the day that did change the world. people like that tuesday, september 11, rush to go work. it's a beautiful blue sky, clear, crisp, early fall day. look at the progress. number one, world trade center, single building that is replaced the two twin towers. look what has been achieved here. in an hour and a half, just like in other years, the families of those who died will gather again not in defiant anger, but in quiet sorrow. they'll read the names of the 2982 people who died here. this will be six moments of silence. also a place of hope and renewal. 4 1/2 people have visited the memorial here. those waterfalls that are overpowering in their simplicity, cascading down. also the dispute over the museum have been resolved and that should be over by the museum and the cancers have been classified as possibly being linked to the toxic dust will help the survivors and first r
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